Need for Industrial Design Patent Searches

Industrial Design Patent Searches : An industrial design, sometimes, also known as design patent or design registration, typically is associated with an ornamental or an aesthetic aspect of an article. An industrial design may be differentiated in many manners, but generally is distinguished to be novel based either on three dimensional features, such as the shape of an article, or two dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.  Design Patent Search

The assignee or an owner of a granted or a registered industrial design can, in principle, has the right to prevent third parties to reproduce any article for commercial activity which could infringe the protected design, whether it be from making, selling or importing any article bearing or embodying the said protected design.

Need for Industrial Design Patent Searches

Therefore, the manufacturers have to be cautious to launch or bring any product to the market with a new design which could possibly infringe any granted design patent or registration. In order to verify or confirm, a design search (sometimes called as Industrial Design Patent Searches) is required. Design Search helps you determine whether your proposed design is new and distinctive, and therefore worth registering or not. A search will also determine if a similar design has already been registered. In essence, it is a visual search that requires analyzing volumes of designs that are registered with patent offices or known in public domain.

Many databases are available which could be used for carrying out a design search e.g. the database of the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO) and the database of The Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM). Generally, design search will be conducted using the Locarno Classification and/or National Office systems (e.g. USPC, GB Design Classification).

We will be covering some of the commonly used and freely available databases for design searches in the next articles.

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