Patent Search/Information Support – Indonesian

A number of patents are filed only in Indonesian language and hence patent search/ patent information support in Indonesian language cannot be ignored considering how immense a knowledge base it is and how these native Indonesian language patents/utility models can affect the freedom-to-operate, patentability, etc.

TPSF’s native Indonesian patent searchers and patent information specialists come-in handy when you are looking for a reliable service to provide patent information in Indonesian language at reasonable costs (see indicative pricing below). Below are the patent services we can provided in native Indonesian language:

  • Prior Art Searches (PatentabilityInvalidity)  covering Patents/Utility Models and Non-Patent Literature Published in Indonesian
  • Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Searches covering Indonesian language patent applications/ Utility Models
  • Patent Landscapes covering Indonesian language Patents/Utility Models
  • Patent Legal Status or Prosecution Summary of Patents/ Utility Models (and corresponding prosecution) in Indonesian
  • Assignee Patent Searches in Indonesian language patents/utility models
  • Legal Status/ Prosecution Monitoring of Patents/ Utility Models (and corresponding prosecution) in Indonesian
  • Patent Infringement Study of Indonesian Language patents
  • Market/ Product Research covering Indonesian language literature of infringing products/companies
  • Evidence of Use Charts covering Indonesian language Patents and Products
  • Patent Infringement Watch/monitoring for Indonesian language patents/utility models
  • Patent Watch/ Monitoring (covering legal status updates/ new Indonesian language patent publications/grants)
  • Patent/ Prior-Art Translations both Indonesian-to-English and English-to-Indonesian
  • Trademark Search for marks in Indonesian language/ containing Indonesian Characters
  • Trademark Watch for marks in Indonesian language/ containing Indonesian Characters

Why TPSF for Native Indonesian Language Patent Search?

  • Full Time Native Indonesian Speakers coming from various technology areas/industries
  • 8+ Years experience with Indonesian language patent information
  • Access to most relevant patent and non-patent/scientific literature databases covering Indonesian language patent/non-patent literature
  • Most analysts well versed with English (written and spoken), so no communication problems
  • Detailed Report Formats with relevant excerpts manually translated from Indonesian to English
  • Highly flexible, cost-effective yet comprehensive

Indicative Pricing for Indonesian Language Patent Information Services:

  • Patentability: $549+
  • Invalidity: $1,649+
  • FTO/Landscape/Other Custom Research: $85/Hour
  • Legal Status Check: $6/ Application
  • Translations: ~$95/100 words (English to Indonesian)

You may submit the Indonesian Language patent research/information support requirements using the form below (No payment to be made now). We will conduct preliminary search and analysis to prepare a Free, non-binding custom quotation for you to review and approve. TPSF agrees that no charges will be incurred until you approve the custom quotation.

If you need assistance with submitting the requirements below and/or have any other questions/suggestions, you may use Live Chat below OR email at OR call at 214 269 0626. Our experts will review your questions/information and recommend the best way forward. You may also sign an NDA here before sharing any confidential information with us via email or on Chat/Call.