2. Invalidity / Opposition Searches

Find even the most obscure prior art with our searches covering 16+ Languages and 100+ Countries.

Why ‘The Patent Search Firm’ (TPSF) for Invalidity Studies?

  • 8+ Years in Business, 100+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Technology Areas, 100+ Invalidity Searches each month
  • >75% success rate (in finding a Killer Art or getting the claims limited)
  • Multiple variants (See Invalidity Search Cost/Variant Details Below) to adjust your budget and accuracy/completeness requirements
  • Parallel searches by multiple searchers – NO effort upper cap models
  • Search and analysis by Subject Matter Experts
  • Focus on both novelty destroying and inventive step attacking art
  • Multiple search strategies of varying scope
  • Wide coverage of non-patent literature sources
  • Multi-lingual expertise to search and read documents in 16+ languages
  • Use of multiple databases/ tools to ensure lesser dependency on search algorithms of specific databases/ tools
  • Detailed reports with experts’ comments on each prior art reference identified
  • Pay for results/ contingency models also available

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More About Invalidity Searches

Invalidity searches are always critical considering they are often undertaken in the course of a patent litigation OR in anticipation of one. However, considering the little time patent examiners spend on examining patent applications, many, if not all, patents can be successfully attacked on their novelty and/or inventive step.

Accordingly, if an expert searcher (who understands the technology, novelty and inventive step clearly and knows where exactly and how long back to look for) spends some quality time looking for relevant piece of prior art, it is not unusual to turn up some key prior art documents (or combinations thereof) that can either invalidate the patent claims and/or limit their scope significantly.

Considering the critical nature, yet high possibilities of success, our researchers leave no stone unturned to find prior art from even from the most obscure sources in any language. And, this is the reason we have over 75% success rate in either getting the patents invalidated or having their claims restricted. It may sound like boasting, but, with extensive experience of invalidity or opposition searches, our technology and search experts can now, by a quick look at the claims and priority date of a patent, already get a sense if the claimed invention could be predated.

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