1. Patentability / Novelty Searches

Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.

Why ‘The Patent Search Firm’ (TPSF) for Patentability Studies?

  • 300+ Years of Search Experience, 100+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Technology Areas, 500+ Patentability Searches each month
  • Multiple variants (See Patentability Search Cost/Variant Details Below) to adjust your budget and accuracy/completeness requirements
  • Searches and manual analysis conducted by subject matter experts
  • Multiple search strategies of varying scope for enhanced comprehensiveness
  • Wide non-patent literature coverage
  • Multi-lingual (16+ Languages) search capabilities Covering 100+ Countries
  • Free Customization and Iterations till your satisfaction
  • Detailed patentability reports with expert comments with each result and full text PDF copies of all results
  • Related results also included to help you understand the domain (alternate solutions) and help draft better patent
  • Guaranteed patentability recommendation models also available – We pay double, if we go wrong

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More About Patentability Searches

Patentability search is a prior-art study conducted to determine if a patent can be granted on an invention by a patent office. In patentability searches, a qualified prior-art searcher studies all published documents (including patents, scientific literatures, conference proceedings, blogs, etc) in the domain of invention (ideally irrespective of country/language they are published in).

Based on this study of prior art, the prior-art researcher prepares a patentability search report summarizes if the given invention is patentable (i.e., whether it is novel and non-obvious compared to anything already known to human kind) and/or if some modification needs to be made to the invention/scope of patent for it to be patentable.

Apart from giving a general background and state-of-the-art about the invention’s domain, a novelty search report actually helps an inventor/company make correct strategy about patenting and product launch saving them lot of resources and money. Specially because:

  1. If patentability search is conducted properly and timely, it helps you determine if a patent should be filed. If answer is yes, patentability search report also helps you determine how broad protection should be sought. In both the case, you either save time and money on patenting process and/or significantly reduce the expenditure on patent office actions
  2. Filing a patent does not guarantee patent grant and if an invention is very critical for market offering and if company/inventor are betting on exclusivity via patents, a patentability search helps them determine in timely manner whether they will get such an exclusivity and they can accordingly decide to invest further in that research/offering.

Synonyms: Novelty searches, Pre-filing Searches, Pre-examination Searches, Knockout Searches, Invention Evaluation, Innovation Screening, Idea Screening, Invention Screening, etc.