Creepy Device Patent: Technology Is Just Not Reliable Anymore!

creepy device patent “Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword.” – Jason Silva Aforesaid words by Jason Silva are true to the best of its significance. No doubt, technology has changed us, making us more powerful and effective; but lazy and dependent at the same time. The technologies that started out as aides to our existence[…]

Patent Watch Benefits: What & How To Apply?

Patent watch assists in delivering regular updates about new patents, the status of applied patents and any modifications done in the existing patents. Let’s under patent watch benefits and how to apply them in your patent application. Patent Watch Benefits: What Are They? Normally, specific patent watches are done in a periodic manner i.e on[…]

unusual Patents

Unusual Patents You Never Have Thought Of

Imagine if you are having an argument with your colleague while surfing net and a counseling advertisement pops up suddenly. Or maybe you are talking with your friend about purchasing a new cell phone and an advertisement of the same phone comes up. A few years back, it was a matter of coincidence, but in[…]

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Patent Watch Services: Classification & Strategies

Patent watch is the method of constant observation and keeping a record of every IP data published recently i.e. on yours and your competitor’s IP activity, which is beneficial to business across all sectors in the industry. Patent watch services assist you to identify potentially infringing patents, licensing and acquisition opportunities in real-time and help in[…]

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Patent Monitoring Report: Learn All its Elements

Patent Monitoring Report is a complete elaborative report that comprises of results of monitoring your competitor’s patent portfolio to compare and analyze the quality of your own products or services. It will provide insights to you about the futuristic IP trends which are critical for your work, and keep a competitive eye on your competitors.[…]

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Patent Watch Services | Patent Alert Services

The term, Patent Watch services refer to a process of watching/monitoring/checking the patents at regular intervals of time period in official journals, databases, etc. to search for newly published granted or pending patent applications that matches with the requirements specified at the beginning of the watch for our patent, and then subsequentially provide alerts. Patent[…]

Patent Watch Types

Patent Watch Types | 6 Quintessential

Patent Watch is the process of keeping an eye on the patents at regular intervals of time. This can be done by exploring different official journals, databases, online sites, etc. for newly published granted or pending patent applications. It can be conducted due to the possible reasons, such as to check competitors in the market,[…]

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Need to implement Patent Watching/Monitoring service

The process to implement Patent Watching/Monitoing service on patents at regular time periods, has become the key to assure safety to your patents. It can be monitored from official journals, databases, online sites, etc. to search for newly published, granted, or pending patent applications within the boundaries of requirements specified at the beginning of the[…]

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Significance of Patent Watching

Inculcating the term, ‘search’ with ‘patent watching’ refers to a process of checking the patents at a regular time period from official journals, databases, online sites, etc. for newly published granted or pending patent applications on the basis of the requirements specified at the beginning of the watch. There are a number of reasons due[…]

Patent Monitoring

Patent Monitoring Importance: Step-Wise Explanation

Patent Monitoring importance is not a hidden aspect these days. Patent Monitoring, has become a global need for recognized brand owners since new technologies are emerging out for market recognition, every single second. New competitors are taking away the credits from the older ones, every single day. We are living in a world where we even[…]