June 17, 2020

Biological Sequence Search

Biological Sequence Search Service by The Patent Search Firm. Dig out every possible relevant prior reference for DNA, RNA and Amino Acid sequences

  • TPSF has more than 16+ years of experience in business
  • Also, we own more than 500+ full-time Searchers
  • Our experts work in more than 30 tech areas to perform 100+ biological sequence searches every month.
  • We perform Comprehensive Patentability, Invalidity and/or FTO Searches
  • A team of experts prepares and finalizes the Query Structure
  • You may select the Data Source for Each Search on custom basis
  •  Database Costs are optimized
  • We have experts with a keen knowledge of Markush Claims Analysis
  • Moreover, you get Free Customization  and Iterations till you are fully satisfied

Biological Sequence Search Service by The Patent Search Firm

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