June 16, 2020

Patentability Search

Patentability Search Services by The Patent Search Firm. Maximize your protection & minimize the office actions by having the accurate patentability search report before patent filing. 

  • TPSF owns 10+ years in business. Also, 350+ full-time Searchers and 30+ tech areas along with 500+ patentability searches/month.
  • Polyglot (16+ languages) services that cover 100+ countries.
  • Highly comprehensive searches
  • Wide non-patent literature coverage (scientific literature, journal articles (IEEE, ScienceDirect, etc), conference papers, TKDL library and many more).
  • Search results to help draft applications that not only cover current state-of-the-art but all possible future infringements.
  • Multiple variants (see below) to match your budget and completeness requirements.
  • Searches and manual analysis conducted by subject-matter experts; reports include expert comments on each prior-art.
  • Full text copies of identified references
  • Quick turnaround to secure the earliest priority date.

Patentability Search Services by The Patent Search Firm

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General Queries related to the Patentability Search Services:

How to do patentability search?

Step 1 : Firstly, understand the aim of the search. It determines ability of a patent. Whether the application will result in a patent or not. It is also known as prior-art search.

Step 2: Give your patent attorney a complete idea about the patent. Also, complete means even the small details and all the aspects of specifications. Every detail must be covered for an efficient search.

Step 3: Go through every piece of literature for a broader search. Check for patents on “google patent search” and also go through non-patent literature like journal, research papers etc.

Step 4: Cover foreign countries . Apart from google patent search and USPTO search, also search on WIPO and other sources.

Cost of patent search?

Free tools are: USPTO, WIPO, GOOGLE PATENT SEARCH, science journals , research paper.

Moreover, you must  hire an attorney for better results. It may cost you from $10 to $3000 depending on the complexity of patent and the range of search.

Can I make a product that already exists?

Yes, but for that one needs to negotiate with the inventor(cross-licensing or buy the patent). Also, one can do market research about the features of the product, collect customer feedback and come with similar product with some advancements. Not all products in market are patented.

Contact / Check Patentability Search Sample Reports:

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