June 17, 2020

Design Patent Search

Design Patent Search Services by The Patent Search Firm. Accurate design searches to help you evaluate your options for design right registration, clearance or invalidation. 

  • TPSF owns more than 16+ years of business experience, also we have 500+ full-time Searchers
  • Moreover, we work on 30+ tech areas making 500+ design patent searches/month.
  • Multi-lingual (16+ languages) capabilities covering 100+ countries.
  • Comprehensive Searches
  • Minimal Use of Keywords, More Reliance on Classification
  • Thousands of hits Manually Screened for Each Search by Experts
  • Free Customization  and Iterations till your Satisfaction
  • Broadest Coverage for Registered and Non-Registered Designs
  • Easy to Comprehend Report Format

Design Patent Search Services by The Patent Search Firm

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