Intellectual Property (Patent/ TM) Infringement Risks Mitigation for Amazon Sellers/ FBA Business Acquirers

With growth of e-commerce industry and increasing online sales, Amazon sellers are rapidly launching multiple and new products across geographies. This comes with huge associated IP infringement risks which may not only lead to suspension of selling accounts on Amazon but as well as to various legal penalties and injunctions derailing all your business plans.

To grow online businesses across markets – risk-free, Amazon sellers / FBA Business Acquirers need expert assistance in determining the IP risks before launching new products/ acquiring new FBA businesses.  

Most aware Amazon sellers/ FBA Business Acquirers often approach IP Lawyers directly for such assistance AND this makes such assessment cost prohibitive. This is where unique process by Sagacious IP helps doing this assessment robustly yet highly economically [usually 50-60% cost savings]

Sagacious IP supports leading Amazon sellers and FBA Business Acquirers with quick design/utility patent FTO/Clearance searches for various products in multiple jurisdictions and helping them make right amendments before a product launch.

Our detailed Freedom-to-operate (FTO) reports help Amazon sellers as follows:

  1. Identify and/or avoid any patent infringement risks in new jurisdictions.
  2. Make timely amendments
  3. Better negotiations with the seller while acquiring products and brands; thus, ensuring cost savings.

Check out our Sample FTO search report (most relevant for FBA Acquirers)

How We Helped a Leading FBA Acquirer Save 50+% costs on IP Risk Assessment process before acquisition

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