Importance of Patent Search Cost

Patent search is a process of finding the existing patents or other publicly available documents to verify if an invention is closely related to them. The patent search cost depends on various factors like the complexity of the invention, the size of the business, and the expertise of the patent researchers. It is a good idea to research your patent before submitting the patent application to PTO. Research-based tools like FreePatentsOnline, Google Patents, Espacenet, Patent Lens, and the USPTO Patent Database. 

Beware, if you are using free tools to search for patents, it might not have an extensive library that other advanced tools offer. The best method you can adopt to search for a patent is to hire a professional patent researcher as they are well-versed in their business. To help them provide you the best results, you should give them as much information as possible about your invention. It could be drawings, specifications, descriptions, or the name of your competitors. 

What is the cost of patent search?

1 – Professional search fees

Different patent researchers charge their fees differently depending on the effort they put into the search process. Some of them have a flat rate for their patent search services while others charge based on per hour. The hourly fee is often preferred when you want the researcher to go through the patent libraries thoroughly and give feedback on the patentability of your invention. Apart from that, the patent search cost also depends on the level of expertise of the researcher and the type of invention they will be diving in. 

If your invention is simple and doesn’t require in-depth research, you can get away with spending $100. But if your invention is a bit complicated and needs in-depth analysis, you might have to pay $2000 or more. 

2 – Government search fees

Once your invention is ready for filing the patent application, the patent examiner assigned to your case will perform extensive research to verify your patent. If you are operating a small-sized business or school, you will have to pay $300 as the government search fees. But if you are the owner of a big brand or multi-national company, you will have to set back by $600. Again, if you want to know the exact charges that would be levied on your patent research, you need to head to the USPTO website and find it out yourself. 

Final words on the cost of patent search 

By now you know what is patent search and patent search cost, right? Then, go ahead with your invention and hire a trusted patent researcher to get the patentability search results on your table.

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