Patent Watch Services: Classification & Strategies

A patent watch is the method of constant observation and keeping a record of every IP data published recently, i.e. on yours and your competitor’s IP activity, which is beneficial to business across all sectors in the industry. Patent watch services assist you to identify potentially infringing patents, licensing and acquisition opportunities in real-time and help in effectively minimizing risk loss of business capital/resources.


Classification of Patent Watch Services

Patent watch services are classified into the following categories:

Technical Patent WatchContinuous observation of newly published patent applications across the globe.
Competitor Patent WatchNewly published patent applications of competitor companies and inventors across the globe are kept under continuous observation.
Patent Legal Status WatchContinuous observation of any legal status of newly published or post-grant patent applications.
Design WatchObservation of newly published design patents across the globe.
Trademark WatchNewly published trademarks in federal and state trademark databases, as well as the common law trademarks, are kept under constant observation.
Infringement WatchEvidence of Use in the form of products, processes, or services that have a possibility of infringement is kept under constant surveillance.

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Strategies for Patent Watch Services

1. By subject matter: This watching search looks for any newly published patents or patent applications in a selected field of interest and especially enables you to see what competitors are up to.

2. By proprietor/applicant name: The watching search looks for any newly published patents or patent applications in the name of specific companies or individuals or people known to be active in a particular technical area and often can be done cost effectively without being restricted to limited countries

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Both of these are valuable for identifying early-stage potential infringement risks. As both of the above types of watching services depend on data consisting of published patents /applications, hence these searches do not provide information about unpublished patents/applications.

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