Derwent World Patent Search Index (DWPI)

The Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) is a database containing patent applications and grants from 44 of the world’s patent issuing authorities. Thomson Derwent provides access to more than 26 million patent documents issued by patenting authorities including the European Patent Office, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the WIPO. One of the biggest benefit of the DWPI is the English language abstract, which greatly improves the searcher’s access to non-English language patent information.

Thomson Derwent is compiled in English by editorial staff. The database provides a short abstract detailing the nature and use of the invention described in a patent and is indexed into alphanumeric technology categories to allow retrieval of relevant patent documents by users. The DWPI is an excellent tool to use when searching global art because each indexed document is given its own new abstract, which is a 200 to 500 word English abstract written by a subject matter expert.

Every week approximately 25,000 patent documents from more than 40 patent-issuing authorities are reviewed and value enhanced by derwent’s patent experts. In addition, every week new cited and citing references are added for approximately 45,000 records from the six major patent-issuing authorities.

DWPI also provides information on related patent applications that are filed worldwide. Each record within the database defines a patent family, the grouping of patent documentation recorded at the various patent offices as protection of an invention is sought around the world. Each patent family is grouped around a basic patent, which is usually the first published example of the invention. All subsequent filings are referred back to the Basic patent, and are referred to as Equivalent patents.

DWPI database may be accessed using Web-subscription based services, such as Thomson Innovation; which in addition to providing DWPI data also have powerful search capabilities to assist the searcher to perform more complete and exhaustive search.

In addition, there are supplementary services like Derwent Patents Citation Index. The Derwent Patents Citation Index (Derwent PCI) is an online database of citations data appearing in patents from 6 major patenting authorities. It provides details of citations, both patent and literature, reviewed by the examiner during the examination of a patent application. Derwent PCI is the only database providing multi-source patents citation coverage of all technologies. Prior to May 1997, examiner and author citations were provided for 16 patent-issuing authorities. The database also contains a back-file with patent records dating back to the 1970’s.

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