How To Conduct Patent Search: A Quick Guide

It is essential for one to conduct patent search before the patent filing process. It is so because patent search plays a huge role in avoiding patent infringement which reduces the cost of the applicant. A patent search is a subset of the prior art search where one mentions similar ideas in academic and technical literature. If one has got an amazing idea, he first needs to search the patentability status of that idea. Then only he can move further and get a patent if no one has got legal rights of that idea.

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Conduct Patent Search: Things to Know Before

As patent search involves the exploration of the issued patents, one considers it as an important prior art reference while applying for a patent. Some of the methods to conduct patent search are:

  1. Online databases:

The USPTO has made online searching of its databases available to the public at no charge. A few other free online search systems are CASSIS (CD ROM based search engine) and the Delphion Research Intellectual Property Network. The Source Translation and Optimization (STO) Internet Patent Search System is also an online system where one can conduct patent search.

  1. Conduct a USPTO Office Search:

Your next stop is going to be the USPTO. Now you are ready to dive right into the USPTO search engine. Inventors see the USPTO search engine to see the filing status of the invention that is similar to theirs. One can go for full-text patent search or a PDF image patent search. Also, one can go for a quick search or an advanced search. You can search for the status of the patent by simply writing the patent number and clicking on the submit button. It will result in getting the whole description of the patent there.

  1. Google Patent Search:

If one wants to conduct patent search, he can also take the help of the Google patent search. It offers you fields like patent office, filing status, patent type, and filing date. It is a decent starting place for a broad patent search but has its limitations when compared with other search engines.

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