How To Conduct Patent Search: A Quick Guide

In this age of web and technology, everything has become so easy that anyone can do anything with just a few clicks of the mouse, within a few seconds. Be it diagnosing medical ailments or investigating your genealogy while sitting at your home, everything has become very trouble-free. Same goes for the entrepreneurs as they can do any business related work online while enjoying at home. In the launch of a new firm, use of web saves both time and money via providing all the relevant information which are not previously available. Let’s understand how to conduct patent search in detail.

Conduct Patent Search: Things To Know Before

As patent search involves explore of invention issued patents and published patent applications which may be considered as an important prior art reference while applying for a patent. For instance, an inventor can be considered who has invented something and wants to make millions. Here, the internet comes into action by helping both the seasoned and novice inventor by making them aware of the upcoming challenges, before time and money they actually invest. Additionally, the inventor can also ensure if someone else has already got the same invention. To do this he/she needs to do a patent search of the U.S. Patent Office, either offline or online.

In order to conduct a patent search, published patents related to your own idea must be examined, to make sure whether your invention or idea has ever been registered for patent. Moreover, you can also look for similar inventions which will not only refine and improve your own invention but also prevent you from patent infringement. You must do all this before filing a patent to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Detailed and best manual patent searches are conducted at the library of the USPTO in Arlington, Virginia. In major cities of the country, the USPTO has maintained huge libraries to help people find patents, which seem to be similar to their invention or idea followed by patent examination either in hard copy form or on microfilm. However, one can even visit the USPTO website to access the U.S. patent application.

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Conduct Patent Search: Steps To Follow

Following are the steps one should follow for patent search:

  • Visit the official website of the USPTO.
  • Click on the link
  • Below the heading related to the USPTO services, click on Tools.
  • Patent classification will be displayed.
  • Proceed to search.

Also, one can use Google Patents and other websites for free patent searching. Patent search using the internet caters to an effective tool but it may get limitations either due to your experience or due to inappropriate database content. After clearing preliminary patent search you may need a professional patent searcher. Some of the professionals own license from the USPTO hence, charge more for searching.

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