Why Patent Landscape is Important?

The patent landscape is a researched overview of the pending patents or the patents in a particular field. Generally, patent attorneys or patent law experts prepare a landscape with the help of the process called patent landscaping.

Moreover, patent landscaping is a study that provides a unique platform overview for a particular field that gives a number of insights to the decision-makers. In other words, a patent landscape scans a huge set of patents to dig out the required information for understanding a specific field. Also, all of the extracted information can be displayed in a single dashboard or file.

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Patent Landscape: Contents

The landscape report contains information about your competitors that are applying or have applied for a patent in the same research/business field as of your company. Moreover, it shows information related to new similar products or services launched in the market. Also, it highlights the pending patents that are similar to yours.

The patent landscape is not a list of patents but it contains snapshots of the patent status at a specific time.

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Patent Landscape: Merits

A wide number of businesses perform patent landscaping in order to develop new products in a particular field. The USPTO (United States patent and trademark office) does not allow similar patents. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that other companies are not creating patents or conducting research in the same research field. Patent landscaping helps to keep an upper hand over other companies. Some of the major advantages of patent landscaping are:

  • The information received via patent landscaping helps the companies to develop their business and R&D strategies accordingly.
  • Patent landscaping can also provide crucial data about the likeliness of a patent to get approved.
  • They aid companies in understanding the IP risks related to the research. In other words, they warn about the likelihood of another company claiming ownership over a similar technology.
  • It helps the companies in minimizing research risk by focusing on fields with less competition. The company can also focus on the fields with less number of patents for better opportunities. Also, it can help the companies in identifying the fields containing patents with pending status and use them for better future growth.

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