Patentability Searches vs. Patent Clearance Searches

Why Patent Landscape is Important?

The patent landscape is a researched overview of the pending patents or the patents in a particular field. Generally, patent attorneys or patent law experts prepare a landscape with the help of the process called patent landscaping. Moreover, patent landscaping is a study that provides a unique platform overview for a particular field that gives[…]

How WO Patent Search Help

How WO Patent Search Help?

A WIPO or WO patent search is a very crucial part of the complete patent application process. The WO is a United Nations organization that watches over a number of international patent rules and regulations. Generally, the patents protect the rights of an inventor within the country that issues the patent. It is a difficult task to gain patent protection in[…]

Patent Information Why it is Important

Patent Information: Why it is Important?

Patent information describes the technical data and legal data associated with patent documents and granted patents. The documents contain information written in a standardized format and categorized according to technical fields to make identifying relevant documents even easier.  The information contains a description of the following: Functioning of patent Claims determining the scope of protection[…]

US Patent Search (Major Search Types)

US Patent Search (Major Search Types)

It is essential for one to conduct a US patent search before the patent filing process. It is so because patent search plays a huge role in avoiding patent infringement which reduces the cost of the applicant. A US patent search is a subset of the prior art search where one mentions similar ideas in[…]

What is Patentable Subject Matter and what it includes?

What Is Patentable Subject Matter and what it includes?

A patentable subject matter refers to the standards set forth by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). These standards are set for a patent application in order to receive patent protection. Also, the USPTO law defines patentable subject matter as: “Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, the machine, manufacture, or composition[…]

What is prior art

What is Prior Art?

A Prior Art is everything about an Invention, already available in public before the registration of application by the Inventor. This simply means that the invention is no longer a novel as it was already available. It basically means any disclosure of the contents of a claim, prior to the application for patent. Claims section[…]