Why You Must Have Patent Search Report Before Applying a Patent?

A Patent Search Report or Patentabity Search Report is a search of already existing patents and other available documents (i.e. prior art). It makes sure that your invention is unique. It also assures that your invention does not infringe ‘existing’ patents. 

Let us first know what a ‘patent’ is.  

What is a patent?

A patent is a form of IP. It gives you a right to include/exclude others from using, making or selling your patented invention with/without your permission. These rights are given for 20 years from date of filing of patent application. The Territorial Right is available only in countries where patent is obtained. It is granted for new and non-obvious inventions having utility or industrial applicability. 

Why do we need Patent Search?

Broadly, a Patent search is conducted to identify patent documents. These documents are the ones which are relevant to a subject matter of your interest.

It can be conducted, mainly,  because of the following reasons:

  • To assess patentability of your invention.
  • In order to avoid infringement.
  • To define R&D direction etc.
Ease & Value of a Patent Search

Following are some of the importance and benefits of patent search:

  • Patent archives are huge stores of technical information. The information which patent archives offer cannot be overlooked even if the patent is valid or invalidated.
  • Information, which is not yet available in non-patent literature or as products/technologies in the market, may still be there in patent literature.
  • Patent Search remains the only source in some cases. For example, to know whether or not every ‘similar’ invention is introduced into the market or published elsewhere. 
  • Patents are organized and structured documents. Well-defined fields make the search much more effective than search for products, non-patent literature etc.
  • Variety of tools and databases, both paid and unpaid, are available today . These tools & Databases make the search easy and accurate. 

Patent searches do not lessen the importance of non-patent literature. That is so because both patent and non-patent literature searches have their own specific purposes to serve. 

Consequently, these searches are slowly becoming crucial for all  R&D and business related decisions.

Get your Search Done by the Best in the Field!

The Patent Search Firm has a team of highly experienced search experts from virtually all technology areas. It ensures cost-effective and speedy search results. 

The company believes in the motto “Excellence in every engagement”. And, thus, promises its clients the best research, hassle-free. So that you take IP and business decisions quickly & confidently. 

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