Patent Watch Benefits: What & How To Apply?

Patent watch assists in delivering regular updates about new patents, the status of applied patents and any modifications done in the existing patents. Let’s understand patent watch benefits and how to use them in your patent application.


Patent Watch Benefits: What Are They?

Usually, specific patent watches are done in a periodic manner i.e. on a weekly or monthly duration. Patent watch services are also tailored as per the customer needs, as individual customer can be a big organization who might have to watch a large number of patents that may risk their existing patents.

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Patent Watch Benefits: How To Apply?

Patent watching is done in an orderly fashion such as separating the search based on new and existing patent application.

  • Monitoring random patent applications that are newly listed gives the inventors/organizations an advantage to get the latest information so that they can improve strategies to protect their existing patents or develop new and better inventions. By doing this, the inventors & organizations can learn about new invention developments be it a solo inventor or a competitor organization, so that they can plan their business strategies or event of next invention or go for litigation.

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  • Some organizations or inventors keep track of mainly related patents that are applied and pending for approval. Freshly applied patents can be modified any time before the final draft is filed, hence if an inventor wants to watch a specific type of patent that is similar to his intention to get a full detailed assessment of the scope, he can either prepare for litigation or reference for his future invention.

Patent watch also helps you in generating a flow of money through patent infringement and litigation. An inventor or an organization can go after a competitor or a random inventor if he has anything in common with the existing inventions. Moreover, when a final draft for an invention is applied and accepted, the patent governing bodies open a 3-month window, wherein it is put forth for the opposition, Patent watch enables you to grab the opportunity if the invention is related to yours.

The drawback of not going for a patent watch service is that, if an inventor applies for patent in a different continent and the invention is similar to yours, you will have no idea about the situation then either some third party will go with a litigation or that patent will be issued after 3 months of no opposition.

About The Patent Search Firm,

 With 8+ years in business, we provide the services in two categories:

  • Monitoring by Technology(Keyword/IPC) or Competition(Assignee/Inventor)
  • Monitoring by Patent and Publication Numbers.

What we provide:

  • Extensive watching and monitoring services.
  • Customizable options to match your requirements and budget.
  • Quick turn around time
  • Experts in this domain do patent watching and monitoring


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