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Patent Watch is the process of keeping an eye on the patents at regular intervals of time. This can be done by exploring different official journals, databases, online sites, etc. for newly published granted or pending patent applications. It can be conducted due to the possible reasons, such as to check competitors in the market, double check if their service or products are being infringed, etc. The basic aim is to bring cognizance and responsiveness about the market strategy, new developments in IP, competitor’s potential resources, and self-analysis of your own services or products. It is a vivacious service for business owners, financiers, investors within and across all sectors. Understanding the different patent watch types will increase your knowledge about the IP domain.

patent watch types

Constant monitoring regulates monopoly within the market. Maintaining watch practices at regular stretch also minimizes risk effectively and allows optimization of your own resources. Recognizing these probable infringement problems (manufacture, sale, or importation faculties within different jurisdiction), will consecutively diminish the cost of handling more complex industrial property issues. It’s a good practice to research about technological sectors in which competitors are showing their interest. This will enable development of future goals in that domain as well, opening new areas to explore.

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Why Watch?

The following are some of the reasons why patent inventor, business, or any industry wants to opt a patent watch service.

  • To determine novelty or perform prior art searching
  • To determine product clearance, right-to-use or perform freedom-to-operate search
  • To perform Validity or Invalidity search
  • To perform Collection or state-of-the-art searching
  • To discover competitive or technical intelligence
  • To perform subject matter specific watch
  • To perform search specific to proprietor/applicant name
  • To monitor every phase of patent process

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Patent Watch Types

Almost every person holding a responsibility of bearing a patent securely by ensuring its value and protection of its complete assets, can opt for a patent watch service. Therefore, it is important to learn about the various patent watch types. It can be any inventor, patent owner, business, or any industry. The spread of patent watch service will vary according to the inventor’s requirements and need inside the patent application. Here are the following Patent Watch types:

  1. Technical Patent Watch: Under the Technical Patent Watch, watch is only limited towards the core technical domain. It includes newly published and/or issued patent applications in a technical domain as soon as they get published in any technical journal, research blog, etc. The competitor technical watch monitors the technology and patents (issues and under-process patent applications) inclinations of desired competitors. This could even be focused on a specific company, person, or an organization depending on the client’s requirement.

Once the trends and latest updates are identified after researching through all the registered journals, papers, etc. of different domain, we provide alert services to enable our clients with monitoring and tracking the recently issued and published patent applications, new inventions in the field of interest on a specified period, such as fortnightly, monthly, semi-quarterly, quarterly basis.

  1. Competitor Patent Watch: Under the Competitor Patent Watch, watch services are provided to get updates regarding newly published and/or issued, abandoned, expired, or rejected patent applications of competitor companies and inventors in specific jurisdictions across the globe to mitigate the legal risks. The Patent Search Firm even provides assistance in monitoring and sending alerts about the recently issued and/or published patent applications in connection with the competitors or inventors of the competitors. Further, the watch is enhanced for identification of the status and progress of published patent applications of competitors.
  2. Patent Legal Status Watch: Under the Patent Legal Status Watch, watch services are provided to monitor the current status of prosecution and post-grant events (Request for Continued Examination (RCE), a Post-Grant Review (PGR), or maintenance status) for newly published and/or issued patent applications. This watch only monitors the legal status of our client patent applications during the prosecution stage and update our client instantly regarding any amendments such as office actions, fee payment, etc. This includes monitoring for any abandoned, rejected, or expired competitor’s patents without any infringement risk. We monitor applications of their clients to provide alerts through emails regarding the changes in application status with a copy of office action or letter. We also send customized reports focusing on the legal status change on a specified period, such as fortnightly, monthly, semi-quarterly, quarterly basis.
  3. Design Watch: Under the Design Watch, watch services are provided to monitor only the design patents and registrations of newly published and/or issued, abandoned, expired, or rejected patent applications of competitor companies and inventors in specific jurisdictions across the globe.
  4. Trademark Watch: Under the Trademark Watch, watch services are provided to monitor only the newly published trademarks in federal and state trademark databases as well as the common law trademarks. We even provide an International trademark search that includes 90+ countries.
  5. Infringement Watch: Under the Infringement Watch, watch services are provided to monitor only new Evidence of Use (EoU) in the form of products, processes, or services that seems to holds infringement claims on unexpired patents.

Hence, before planning to start a patent watch, you must learn about the patent watch types, to select the most-appropriate one.

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