Professional Patent Searches: Importance and Necessities

Should I conduct a search on my own? Should I go for Professional Patent Searches  or to other patent search companies

These are the questions you would be facing as an inventor or a business organization before you go for ‘patenting’ your invention. One of the major factors which actually initiates such questions is the cost associated with outsourcing.

  • Professionals i.e., Attorneys/Research Firms would charge you so as to cover:
    • Costs of their own time spent in searching and giving you a professional opinion
    • Costs of searching on paid databases

However, the services and advantages availed of by using Professional Patent searches as an answer to your questions far outweigh the cost. For instance:

  • Search resulted in novelty destroying patents – costs of patent prosecution saved
  • Search uncovered a patent which could have been potentially infringed by you – litigation costs saved

Why professional patent searches are important?

  • One of the major reasons why a professional patent search could uncover a prior art which you cannot on your own is that they would entail use of paid patent databases. The paid patent databases are more effective and efficient than searches conducted on a free patent database. 
  • Professional Searches would usually include an opinion on the search results. For example, in case of patentability/novelty search, the opinion would indicate whether and how any of the patent results destroys novelty of your invention.
  • Your attorney or search provider would also be able to suggest how to design your invention or product around a discovered prior art.  This helps to retain novelty or avoid infringement etc.
  • Professionals would be accustomed to sifting through a plethora of patent documents and identifying the relevant results.  Thus providing more efficient and quick search results.

Are Professional Patent Searches a Necessity?

  • Professional Patent Searches are usually advised. However, there is no harm in conducting your own preliminary search on one or more free databases
  • In case, of a novelty search, your search costs are saved as well if your own search provides a novelty destroying prior art.
  • But it is not as easy as it sounds!

In the long run, professional patent searches might save more cost and time than a free patent search.

Where to find the best suited professionals? 

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