Time Requirement for a Patent Search

The Patent search is conducted before filing a patent application. It involves comparison with already existing patents. And, it also involves a detailed examination of them.

You can hire experienced patent professionals for your patent search.

Professionals know more about patent search techniques and methods. Consequently, the outcomes or results are very strong and reliable. Also, it is unlikely for a professional to miss any important patent information.

Patent Search -What, Why and How?

Patent search, generally, includes multiple steps. These are carried out in a specific order. These ordered steps identify relevant prior-art patent literature documents.

It becomes necessary to carry out a patent search with a good scientific knowledge (technical advances) covered in the patent literature. Patent Search is also important in identifying the prior-art documents related to an invention disclosure. 

However, doing a patent search requires some very specific skill set and experience on part of the searcher.

There are millions of patent documents that are published over the years. For instance, the number of U.S. patents is rapidly approaching 10 million. In this case, it can be difficult to find relevant information to your interest with all this patent data. 

Hence, it can be said that it is not reasonable to examine every patent for relevance to a new invention. Therefore, it is said that performing a good patent search is an art.

Time Involved for a thorough Patent Search

How long does it take to complete a search? And to know that it is both comprehensive and thorough?

The answer varies for every search. And it is a situation that one usually gets through by lot of practice and experience.

Generally, in most cases, it comes down to the mind of the searcher when to stop the search process.

One of the hints to stop the search could be getting repeated results even after using different search strategies.
Let us take a couple of situations.

For example, generally an in-house searcher is given sufficient time and opportunity to complete a search request. Therefore, it may not matter to such searcher to be nervous about the time restrictions. However, the search usually comes with a strict deadline when it is done by an outside counsel or analyst.
The searcher can conduct a quick overview search using general and broad keywords in time restricted cases. And, he/she can, then, sort through the result set to identify relevant patents.

The searcher can also recommend additional changes (if needed) in areas that he/she could not cover. In this way, the searcher can conduct the best possible search in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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