Chemical Structure Patent Search Databases

One of the common searches that are being done by IP professionals is Chemical Structure Patent Search and when done prudently can give valuable insights about a particular compound, molecule or salt. No matter whether you wish to recognize the names of chemical compounds in patent texts, wish to determine novelty of a compound, or correlate the structure(s) of a compound with its chemical or physical properties, a complete chemical structure search is the way to answer all these. Therefore, it is important to undertake a structure search that is accurate, true and complete.

Chemical Structure Patent Search

A complete and full chemical structure search can help you answer myriad of questions that may pop up into your mind while dealing with a compound. This is a common search which is undertaken by innovators that are active in the domain of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, textiles, agro-chemicals and others.

A full and complete chemical structure search can help in many ways and some of them are as follows:

  • It helps recognizing the names of chemical compounds in patent texts
  • With this we can assess the novelty of a compound
  • With this we can correlate the structure(s) of a compound with its chemical or physical properties
  • Helps individuals correlating the structure(s) of a compound with its biological activities
  • Helps individual avoid the complexities of nomenclature
  • Find competitive products or market leads of a particular compound

However, unlike searching a product search much of the success in a chemical structure search depend on databases we usually use. Therefore, it is important for us to use databases that are authentic, reliable and credible. With this article we intend to list some of the databases that we can rely upon and are trusted by millions of patent search professionals.

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All these databases are free to be used and thus we need not have to have a premium account. Chemical Structure Patent Search

Pubchem- This is one of the most important structure search databases relied by IP professionals and was released on 2004. PubChem is organized as three linked databases within the NCBI‘s Entrez information retrieval system viz PubChem Substance, PubChem Compound, PubChem BioAssay and is widely known for providing credible information on the biological activities of small molecules.

ChemSpider- This chemical search databases is maintained and published by Royal Society of Chemistry and if used prudently can provide plenty of insights pertaining to a chemical, molecule or substance. This database is very handy and with it we can find various properties and characteristics of a substance. Some of the characteristics those we can find with this database are:

  • Systematic name of the substance
  • Synonyms of the drug/chemical/substance
  • Trade names
  • Registry number
  • InChl
  • CSID
  • Structure of the substance
  • Molecular formula
  • Properties

ChemDB- ChemDB is the IGB Chemical Database and is the most diverse and useful set of chemoinformatics tools and applications available to the public. It consists of applications like Chemical Search, Virtual Chemical Space, Reaction Explorer, COSMOS and Reaction Predictor that can help searchers identify the true nature of a compound or substance.

iScienceSearch- This is one of the most advanced and sophisticated search engines and is widely being used by chemists. This database also supports mobile devices and it works well to draw structures on something like an iPad.

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