What are Industrial Designs and how to protect them?

Industrial Designs are the application of designing products, devices, objects, and/or services. Several people use them across the globe, everyday.

Presenting things in a creative manner is an art in itself. And, it is a useful option to generate income and/or revenue. However, you must create the design according to the existing legal and IP rules. These rules, in turn, protect your interests.

You should focus on the appearance and mechanism of a product. Because, all of this ultimately extends to the overall lasting value and experience a product or service provides for users.

Protecting Industrial Design

‘Protecting Industrial Design’ lets you protect your designs that you have created over years.

In other words, industrial designs are a form of IP. They protect shape, color, configuration and surface patterns. These, in turn,  add some extra value to the appearance of a commodity/article meant for sale.

Characteristics of Industrial Designs

Inventions have  to qualify certain criteria so that they can be granted with a patent. Similarly, the design has to qualify certain criteria in case of industrial design protection. These criteria are meant to estimate its novelty and some other associated characteristics. These characteristics are as below-

  • Firstly, designs should be original and unique.
  • Secondly, the designs should be used in a functional article.
  • Thirdly, the respective design should be visible on the commodity or article set to hit the market shelf.
  • Lastly, the element of non-obviousness should be established. Also, no prior publication or disclosure of the design should be there.

 Why Filing Protection for Industrial Design is Important

IP protections encourage technological innovation and economic growth. And, same goes true for industrial designs as well.

You can get a patent for your design when it meets all the requirements laid down by the respective patent office. You can enjoy below-mentioned benefits if you file for a design patent:

  • Industrial designs patent encourages creativity. Especially in sectors like manufacturing and various others.
  • It maintains the quality in sectors where packaging is important. For example, in pharmaceuticals and consumer goods sectors .
  • Industrial designs protection puts a check on illegal products. These harm the reputation, safety, and effectiveness of a product.
  • It allows design owners to prevent others from making the same design.
  • You can sell or license the design  to get economic re-payment when it is of no use to you.
  • In case of infringement, you can drag the party to the court. You can, then, ask for refunding and other measures for the loss you suffer.

Thus, it can be said that protecting industrial designs could be a best option to create a brand value in the market. And, it can also be a strong money making option. It can be so, only when things are done in a scientific way and are filed according to existing IP laws.

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