Patent Search Databases – The Right to Choice

Before starting any kind of patent search and deciding on whether to conduct a search on your own or hire an attorney or a patent search firm, it is essential to be well versed with the different patent search databases – so you can weigh your options and in case of outsourcing also understand what database your patent search service provider is using.

Patent databases are essential as they provide an easy access to patent information.Also, They are updated regularly on weekly basis hence they are the most up-to-date source of patent information


  • Original or Public Patent Databases – Mostly Free
    • For e.g. USPTO, EPO, WIPO, SIPO etc.
    • National or regional patent offices maintain these databases, thus a governmental initiative
    • Provide patent information for the particular country by which it is maintained, excepting EPO and WIPO
    • Normal search feature is free of cost
  • Private Patent Databases – Mostly Paid
    • These collect information from the public patent databases and make them available for search on their interface
    • The coverage in terms of Countries covered is much wider than public patent databases, since a number of public databases are covered
    • They are usually paid databases, exceptions include Google Patents, FreePatentsOnline etc.
    • E.g. of paid databases: Questel Orbit, Thomson Innovation, STN etc.


  • Does it meet your search goal – To identify the most relevant patent for your purpose among other choices of patent literature
  • How easy or difficult is it to formulate a search strategy
  • How many different patent databases are covered – patent relevant to you could be found in any language and in any national database
  • Does it fits into your budget – paid databases are pricey offerings, though of course highly valuable and unparalleled by free databases.
  • If paid patent search databases are the right choice for you, you can rely on a patent search professionals to conduct a search for you.

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