Which Patent Search Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right Patent Search for your invention from a bunch of different types of patent searches available is really important. 

As an inventor or a business person, there might be a number of different occasions on which you may require a patent search. For instance,  for your research and development projects or business and marketing planning.

For this, it is essential to know the different kinds of patent searches.

Types Of Patent Searches

Following are the types of ‘Patent Search’ and why they are important:

Prior Art Search

    • WHAT: As the name suggests, prior art search connotes something which is prior i.e. which already exists. This search aims at identifying all existing patents in your particular field of interest.
    • WHY:
      • To identify existing solution to any R&D problem you may have which might not be available as white papers
      • To avoid reinventing the wheel
      • Strongly advised before beginning a new R&D Project

Novelty Search

    • WHAT: Novelty refers to something new, novel. Purpose of time and money spent in research is to come up with a new solution to existing problems, to invent, to discover. Once you do have an invention or an idea which you perceive as new, it is important to determine whether it is indeed new or novel as we call it in Patent Parlance.
    • WHY:
      • Huge costs are involved in filing and prosecuting a patent application.
      • Time and money would be lost if your invention is not novel.

Freedom to Operate or Infringement Clearance Search

    • WHAT: A Freedom to Operate Search aims to identify any live patents which claim an invention/product which you intend to market or sell or use.
    • WHY: To avoid infringement of live patents and the associated litigation costs/damages which can follow.

Invalidity or Validity Search 

    • WHAT: Invalidity search aims at invalidating claims of a granted patent, conversely validity search aims at reaffirming that the granted patent is indeed for a novel invention.
    • WHY:
      • You may have been sued for infringing a patent and may want to invalidate it.
      • You want to avoid infringing a patent and can try to invalidate instead of licensing.

State of the Art or Landscape Search

    • WHAT: Unlike other patent searches which focus on a particular invention or product etc., state of the art search is a broader search aimed at giving a general perspective of recent advancements in a technical field as a whole.  
    • WHY:
      • To determine research direction by identifying gaps in the technical field
      • Extremely valuable when entering a new technical field.

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