Sources of Patent Legal Status Data

Legal Status Data is the information  part of the patent document. These documents are provided by patent owners. This, in turn, helps patent offices in learning the insights and/or value of a patent.

Legal data contains all data related to legal events or actions as defined by the respective patent law and/or regulations of a particular administration. In addition to that, understanding the structure of patent documents and data fields is an essential foundation of patent analytics.

Legal data, generally, has no basic categorization. And, it also varies with type of patent system. Patent database provides, namely, DOCDB and the INPADOC Legal Status file, respectively.

DOCDB contains book-record data. This data is from over 100 patenting authorities around the world. While the INPADOC Legal Status file contains data from over 50 countries. Both files are produced and maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Primary Sources of Patent Legal Status Data

The primary sources of legal status data are patent gazettes/bulletins and patent registers.

Each administration defines the publication of authoritative patent information. And, the respective authority in National (Patent) Gazettes and National Patent Registers as well.

Patent Gazettes or Bulletins

Patent Gazettes or Bulletins are individual publications. These are published as separate issues and on specific dates. This is done for the purpose of informing the public about  ‘filed’ patent applications or/and ‘granted’ patents (e.g. WIPO Standard ST.18). Once published, the content of a particular issue of the gazette or bulletin is not updated.

Patent Registers

Patent Registers serve the purpose of informing the public about the most recent legal status of a pending application or a granted patent. That is, they show the recent legal events or actions that changed or maintained the legal status.

A patent register allows submission and processing of requests. Moreover, these requests are about the legal status of national patent applications and/or granted patents.  A register is any electronic or non-electronic facility or service. These facilities allow the public to get up-to-date information on the legal status. This legal data is related to individual national patent applications or patents. These can be either directly (e.g. via the internet) or indirectly (e.g. via written request or a physical visit to the premises of the IPO).  

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