How the WIPO Patent Search Helps?

WIPO patent search is a crucial part of a patent application process. Generally, a patent protects the rights of an inventor within the country that issues the patent. However, it’s a difficult task to gain patent protection in multiple countries. Therefore, WIPO patent search helps you to attain patent protection in several countries. Moreover, the WIPO is one of the organizations of the United Nations. Also, the WIPO watches over a number of international patent rules and regulations. Furthermore, it assists inventors in getting a patent hassle-free. In this article, we’re going to share some valuable information. Therefore, read it until the end.

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WIPO Patent Search Services

We must tell you that the WIPO does not provide a patent that is accepted internationally. However, it provides a systematized patent application process for almost 200 countries. Moreover, the WIPO allows the simultaneous filing of a single patent application in major nations of the world. Therefore, it simplifies the process to an extent and the applicant does not have to file many applications at the same time. Also, it helps to reduce complexity and time constraint. Moreover, it allows other applications to work on corrections and feedback.

Therefore, many developing and developed countries are making significant use of WO patent searches and other services. The list of patent applications for top 10 patent offices in 2018 is below:

Rank Country Patent Applications
1 China 1, 542, 002
2 U.S. 597, 141
3 Japan 313, 567
4 South Korea 209, 992
5 European Patent Office 174, 397
6 Germany 67, 898
7 India 50, 055
8 Russian Federation 37, 957
9 Canada 36, 161
10 Australia 29, 957

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WIPO Patent Search

The WO patent search helps to see the novelty of the proposed invention that is under the WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT patent application). Therefore, It helps to check for other same or similar inventions around the world. Also, The patent application becomes non-unique and is refused if there are other similar or same patented inventions.

Therefore, the WIPO approves the patent application only if it is non-obvious, useful and novel. Moreover, the usefulness demands that the invention must bring a commercial or social benefit. In other words, non-obviousness means the invention must add significance to the current technology of the field.

In addition, the applicant may withdraw the patent application before submitting it if WIPO determines that it does not fit the requirements. Thus, it helps to save a lot of monetary loss. Also, WIPO gives an early evaluation of potential eligibility of the patent with the help of an “International Search Report” (ISR).

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Patent Search: Things to Know

WIPO owns an online standard patent application. Therefore, you may download the application through software or even fill it electronically. However, the application must contain all the required material as per the standard US patent application. Moreover, this includes descriptions, pictures, etc. Also, WIPO not only reduces the cost of filing in multiple countries but also contains many helpful resources about patents to determine patentability. Therefore, you must utilize this information to evaluate the requirements and determine a proper patent strategy.

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