Indian Patent Search Firms are Emerging Fast: Learn Why?

When it comes to outsourcing, India is the country that remains at the top rung of the ladder. In this article, we will analyze the reasons, why Indian Patent Search Firms are emerging fast.

After successful IT outsourcing model the country is now witnessing a rise in outsourcing of non-IT operations including patent search support/ patent support services. Doing a thorough and extensive research of ever growing pool of existing patents and non-patent literature is important for any business for various reasons and here comes the importance of equipped, experienced, and professional Indian Patent Search Firms that can help you dig through this mammoth information set reliably and comprehensively with its large manpower.

Big Pool of Best Technical Minds

According to All India Council for Technical Education, twenty four lakh graduates pass out every year in the technical domain. This huge pool of technocrats makes India a preferred destinations for various outsourcing works involving high end technical knowledge. If we break the data domain wise, India will be the first country that produces much greater number of graduates per year for Engineering and Technology, Masters of Computer Application, & Pharmacy domain. So even if we consider that just 1% of these would be worth hiring for domain as complex as patent information support or Intellectual property support services, it is still a huge pool of people to tap with the following advantages.

Quality Work

Top 1% of these students graduating every year are technical very sound and once trained properly become the best patent researchers in the world. Good part is patent search firms in India are preferred choice for these top quality graduates as well considering a good global work environment, challenging roles and high salaries. No matter whether companies are looking for patent search professionals in Hi-tech, Life-Sciences, Mechanical-engineering or any other domain the country has plenty of things to offer.

Easy Scaling

Scaling a business over time is important to get success and same applies in the Intellectual property domain. With huge number of technocrats it’s easy to satisfy the demand of the clients along with maintaining the quality. Indian patent search firms have huge number of technocrats and are never short-off in the supply side.

Lower Cost of Process

Cost is an important factor in determining the success of a company and outsourcing is one of those instruments that have helped companies make their operations cost-effective. Since the cost of living in India is low, it leads to cost advantage for companies that are outsourcing their patent support. No matter whether you are looking for a comprehensive patent search service, patent drafting service or patent licensing, support these patent search firms can offer you the best result and that too at low cost. However, if cost saving is not a priority for you, the patent support services firms in India can still help you achieve more than double in a given budget while providing same or better quality.

Exposure to Global Best Practices

With India being the preferred destination for IP outsourcing/ patent work offshoring, a typical patent search firm in India would work with clients across the domain and across the globe. This has given them exposure to best practices from across the globe. They can apply to each of their clients and can provide a much better and global output than firms based in any specific country could provide.

Legal Work Framework

The regulatory and legal framework of India is in line with countries like USA and UK. After becoming a signatory member of WTO in 2005, India managed to improve the ease of doing business. It has also revamped its IP protection framework so that companies need not have to bother about its misuse. Success of IT offshoring have given Indians a good orientation towards these factors leading to increased trust on Indian companies.

Good Communication Technologies

Also, Modes like video conferencing has made patent work offshoring a practical solution. Companies based anywhere can communicate with their partner in no time.

Accordingly, Firms must outsource your patent related work to an Indian search firm. Most of the companies would be willing to offer a pay-if-satisfied pilot making it a risk-free affair. We can assure you that you will be surprised with the work quality of professionals. Their understanding of IP laws around the world and the cost at which the patent support work will be done.

Hire us to conduct an efficient Patent Search

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