Need for Industrial Design Patent Searches

An industrial design is also known as design patent or design registration. It represents the aesthetic aspect of an article. Industrial Design Patent Searches are considered as novelty searches (also, known as design patent search). Moreover, it focus on three-dimensional features i.e  shape of an article & two-dimensional features like patterns, lines or color.  

The owner of an industrial design can prevent others from using the product for commercial purpose. Making, selling or importing any article bearing or embodying the protected industrial design comes under infringement.

Need for Industrial Design Patent Searches

 The Firms conduct this search  before a  product launch of a  new design. Every firm wants to avoid any potential infringement and lawsuit.  Industrial Design Patent Searches helps to verify this information. A Design Search helps you determine whether your proposed design is novel and doesn’t infringe any patent. Also, a search shows the similar designs present in the industry. It is a visual search that analyze large number of registered designs. Firms across the globe opt to hire an expert/ professional to conduct this search.

Sources to conduct a design search

Here are some databases available for carrying out a design patent search e.g. (WIPO), (OHIM).  Moreover, a design search is conducted using the Locarno Classification or National Office systems (e.g. USPC, GB Design Classification).

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