Utility Patent Vs Design Patent – Important Differences

Utility Patent Vs Design Patent – Important Differences

In this article, we will discuss some key points regarding utility patent vs design patent. Patents are legal rights that protect new and non-obvious inventions and their procedures. Moreover, patents are classified into three major types, namely utility, design, and plant patents. Each patent has its individual eligibility requirements and secures specific types of the invention depending[…]

Databases for Design Patent Search

A design patent or a design registration is a form of legal protection granted to the ornamental design of a functional item. Design Search helps you determine whether your proposed design is new and distinctive, and therefore worth registering or not. Further, a design search will also determine if a similar design has already been[…]

Need for Industrial Design Patent Searches

Industrial Design Patent Searches : An industrial design, sometimes, also known as design patent or design registration, typically is associated with an ornamental or an aesthetic aspect of an article. An industrial design may be differentiated in many manners, but generally is distinguished to be novel based either on three dimensional features, such as the[…]

Industrial Design Search – Ways and Overview

Industrial design search is one of the most important kinds of IPs that are granted for aesthetic appearance of an article. If protected prudently it can reap great benefits to the owner of the design and hence it is important to protect it before you launch your product in the market. Protecting industrial designs becomes[…]