Creepy Device Patent: Technology Is Just Not Reliable Anymore!

creepy device patent “Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword.” – Jason Silva Words mentioned above by Jason Silva are correct to the best of its significance. No doubt, technology has changed us, making us more powerful and useful; but lazy and dependent at the same time. The techniques that started as aides to our existence[…]

Things to Do Before Patenting Something

With the advent of Patent regimen it has become possible for inventors to monetize their ideas thorugh knowing the facts before patenting. However, mere serving a purpose is not enough and there are various other things those should be looked at to ensure that the invention is commercially viable. The inventor need to know the[…]

Patent Landscape Analytics : Introduction and Advantages

A comprehensive analysis on the research area of patents and its scientific literature is termed as patent landscape analytics or patent mapping. It depicts the white space in the research area, latest IP trends, technology rise and decay, potential areas of improvements, etc. It involves a multi-step process using both the computer software knowledge and human[…]