Patentability Search Reports

Why Patentability Search Reports are Important for Inventors? 

Why Patentability Search Reports are Important for Inventors, Scientists and Engineers ? Especially in this era when everything is available on the web/ internet? Why can’t they just rely on the web and journals which are freely available to everybody? These are some of the questions you (as scientist or engineer) might think about before[…]

Classifications in patent search

Understanding Types of Classifications in Patent Search

Classifications in patent search is a system for patent office examiners or other people to code documents. For example, patent applications published according to the technical features of their content. Patent classification systems were originally developed for sorting paper documents. But, nowadays, you may use them to search patent databases as well. In addition to[…]

Prior-Art Searches

Understanding Prior-Art and Prior-Art Searches

Prior-Art (or Prior-Art Searches) is one of the most important factor of success in a patent granting process. It is so because it determines the novelty of the invention. An existing and matching prior-art means your idea is not novel. And, hence, it is pointless to continue with such an idea. Thus, it is important[…]