Freedom to operate Guide to risk-free IP monetization

Freedom to operate: Guide to risk-free IP monetization

Freedom to operate is the right to sell your product without infringing any existing rights. It checks if a particular country/competitor has a product similar to you or not. The main aim is to calculate the risk of patent infringement. In the case of no similar products, one can easily commercialize the product but in[…]

How Important a Patent Watch Search is?

Inculcating the term, ‘search’ with ‘patent watch’ refers to a process of checking the patents at a regular time period from official journals, databases, online sites, etc. for newly published granted or pending patent applications on the basis of the requirements specified at the beginning of the watch. There are a number of reasons due[…]

Why is Patent Monitoring Important: Top 5 Reasons

In this ever changing, vast technological era of development, new technologies are emerging out for market recognition, every single second. New competitors are taking away the credits from the older ones, every single day. We are living in a world where we even get updates on daily basis for our smartphones. So, it is really[…]

FTO Search

What if FTO Search Reveals a Blocking Patent

A Freedom to Operate (FTO) search, also sometimes known as Freedom to Practice search, is conducted to ensure a product does not infringe valid, in-force patents held within a country or region in which an organization intends to conduct business. If the conducted FTO search provides that one or more patents (granted and valid) exist which[…]

FTO Search

Defining Search Strategy for FTO Search

The basic of any search consists of few important steps which bears utmost importance. Defining search strategy for FTO search can be composed through the below-mentioned steps. Identify all the aspects of the product that might conceivably have been patented. Identify all un-lapsed patents and patent applications potentially relevant to each identified aspect, in the desired[…]