Patent Information Why it is Important

Patent Information: Why it is Important?

Patent information describes the technical data and legal data associated with patent documents and granted patents. The documents contain information written in a standardized format and categorized according to technical fields to make identifying relevant documents even easier.  The information contains a description of the following: Functioning of patent Claims determining the scope of protection[…]

Patent Search Techniques Know Them All

Patent Search Techniques: Know Them All

An applicant needs to conduct an extensive patent search much before filing a patent application. You can find the most trustworthy tools and patent search techniques available online. In this particular article, we will learn in detail about patent search techniques and everything you need to know about it. What is a Patent Search? You[…]

What is prior art

What is Prior Art?

A Prior Art is everything about an Invention, already available in public before the registration of application by the Inventor. This simply means that the invention is no longer a novel as it was already available. It basically means any disclosure of the contents of a claim, prior to the application for patent. Claims section[…]