US Patent Search (Major Search Types)

US Patent Search (Major Search Types)

It is essential for one to conduct a US patent search before the patent filing process. It is so because patent search plays a huge role in avoiding patent infringement which reduces the cost of the applicant. A US patent search is a subset of the prior art search where one mentions similar ideas in[…]

A complete guide to patent novelty search

A Complete Guide to Patent Novelty Search

Introduction: Seeking for U.S. patent protection requires the presence of features like novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness in the invention. Another aspect of patent protection is Patent Novelty Search or Novelty Search which aims to dig out pre-existing knowledge for checking the uniqueness of the applicant’s invention. This sort of pre-existing knowledge search in a particular technical[…]

What is prior art

What is Prior Art?

A Prior Art is everything about an Invention, already available in public before the registration of application by the Inventor. This simply means that the invention is no longer a novel as it was already available. It basically means any disclosure of the contents of a claim, prior to the application for patent. Claims section[…]

Validity Search

Invalidity or Validity Search and its Basics

“Invalidity Search” and “Validity Search” are essentially the same. Both these searches are targeted to find relevant prior-art documents which may be used to invalidate the claims of the target patent. Specifically, the invalidity search is used to find prior-art documents to invalidate the claims of the target patent; and the validity search is used[…]