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Patent Monitoring Report: Learn All its Elements

Patent Monitoring Report is a complete elaborative report that comprises of results of monitoring your competitor’s patent portfolio to compare and analyze the quality of your products or services. It will provide insights to you about the futuristic IP trends which are critical for your work, and keep a competitive eye on your competitors. In[…]

Patentability Search Basics: Things You Should Know

In this article, we will put our views on patentability search basics- what is it, why it should be done and some other general queries regarding it. No patent law requires you to conduct a patentability search or patent novelty search. But, this is however the first and often the most important process that should[…]

Patent Search vs Freedom to Operate FTO Search

A patent search and a freedom to operate search are important aspects while dealing with intellectual property rights. Yet, both are often misunderstood and used interchangeably. Therefore, it is an utter need to understand the drastic difference in literal as well as logical meanings of both, in terms of money and time. Patent search is[…]

Validity Search

Invalidity or Validity Search and its Basics

“Invalidity Search” and “Validity Search” are essentially the same. Both these searches are targeted to find relevant prior-art documents which may be used to invalidate the claims of the target patent. Specifically, the invalidity search is used to find prior-art documents to invalidate the claims of the target patent; and the validity search is used[…]