Patent Search

Do You Need a Patent Search?

While identifying the prior-art documents related to your invention, it becomes pertinent to carry out a patent search. In modern times, patent documents have become one of the most important technical documents. Moreover, patent documents may contain information on new research activities. Thus, the patent literature has a good portion of the scientific knowledge, especially[…]

Patent Searches

Role of a Patent Search

This Search helps to determine the relevance of an invention in light of the existing art. A patent search is pivotal for companies and researchers to define their IP strategies, identifying potential blocking patents before entering a market, determine state of the art, and locating potential infringers to exploit their portfolios to earn profits. Major[…]

Patent classification system

Understanding US Patent Classification System

Patent offices system worldwide use one or another classification system to organize the numerous patents filed therewith. A classification scheme is a system of codes that groups inventions according to technical area. In general, the US Patent classification system is one of the most important national patent classification systems. It is heavily relied by many[…]

Patent Search Databases

Patent Search Databases: Paid Vs Free

There is always a debate around paid and free databases.It is essential to look at advantages which paid patent search databases over free databases Benefits of paid patent search databases Advantages of paid databases outnumber the benefits of free databases. Here are some major pros of using paid databases. Coverages Paid patent search databases provide patent[…]

Patent Searching

Patent Searching Strategies for Inventors

First step to filing a patent is to conduct a patentability search in order to ensure the novelty of the invention. Patentability search involve different patent searching strategies depending on the type of invention and technical field. Knowledge of these strategies helps to conduct a more comprehensive search. Some of the most commonly used Patent[…]

Patent Searching

Patent Searching Resources in Broad & Narrow Search

At the beginning of a patent search, one is often puzzled with how to start with the search. Relevent patent searching resources are essential for a better result. The findings of the broader research can help with developing better sense of the technology and further helps to build stronger background knowledge. This information helps to[…]

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